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About Cookies Across America

Allrecipes' philanthropic cookie campaigns began in 2009 with a program called Cookies for the Troops where Allrecipes' community nominated troop members to receive cookies and Allrecipes staff personally baked and shipped over 6,000 home baked cookies to troops overseas.

In 2010, Allrecipes partnered with Drop in and Decorate to launch Cookies Across America, an expanded version of Cookies for the Troops. Instead of Allrecipes staff exclusively baking and sharing cookies, the goal was to mobilize the Allrecipes community of over 23 million home cooks at the time, to bake and share cookies with those in need. A successful campaign with thousands of cookies baked for those in need secured the program as an annual affair.

In 2011, Allrecipes partnered with one of the largest baking brands, Nestlé USA, to take the Cookies Across America campaign to the next level with it's own Facebook page at and pledge encouraging both brands' massive communities to "Bake a Difference" by sharing cookies throughout the month of December.

Together, the Allrecipes and Nestlé USA community of over 25 million home cooks will bake more than 1 billion cookies this holiday season, and the Cookies Across America program encourages them to share this home baked joy with those in need. 

Community members of Allrecipes and Nestlé USA have pledged to bake more than 5,500 cookies so far this holiday season (as of Dec. 1). Visit the Facebook page to view the current number.

Allrecipes and Nestlé have designated Saturday, December 10, 2011, as Bake a Difference day! Home cooks are encouraged to host a holiday cookie party or cookie exchange party on this day0. Cooks can bake cookies, invite friends or family to stop in and help decorate them, and then donate the cookies to a local food pantry, emergency shelter, senior center, lunch program, or other community agency. Cooking or baking supplies can also be donated to a local food pantry or community agency, or by working directly with the organization to give a cookie party with at their facility.

Not sure what cookies to make? For the past 13 years, Allrecipes has hosted an annual Christmas Cookie Countdown at, which features a daily holiday cookie recipe on the site every day until Christmas. Check it out along with Allrecipes other cookie resources at: